Retique It Water Base Gel Stain Interior / Exterior

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Bring out the beauty of natural wood—lightning fast—with Retique It® Interior / Exterior Water-based Gel Stain. This high-performance stain features nano pigments, which intensify color clarity and highlight wood grain, delivering the perfect shade in just one coat.

  • Non-Toxic, Zero VOC's, virtually no odor
  • Achieves target color in two coats
  • Dries in one hour, saves time
  • Complete projects 3X faster
  • Great for furniture, trim, floors, garage doors, front doors, etc
  • Exceptional coverage – 300 square feet per quart

Seal, Protect and Give it a Shine

Apply the top coat of your choice or use our Retique It Polyacrylic to protect your piece and give it the level of sheen you desire. Retique It works beautifully with a satin, semi-gloss or high gloss polyurethane or Polycrylic finish. You are in the drivers seat. This piece can be whatever you want!

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